Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Unfunded and Unfair

The nation’s lingering economic malaise has led to reductions in property tax revenues, cuts in state education funding, and increases in tax certiorari claims. School districts are struggling to maintain the quality of their academic programs in the face of dwindling resources.  State governments have exacerbated this challenging situation by imposing numerous mandates on school districts without providing the funding necessary to implement these mandates. Schools have been forced to cut valuable academic programs to fund mandates that are unnecessary, inefficient and outdated.

To alleviate the financial burden on our schools and protect our educational programs, state education departments should

·      Refrain from imposing new mandates on school districts;

·      Revisit current mandates – with input from local superintendents – to determine which ones can be eliminated;

·      Provide funding for mandates that the state deems essential.

To compete in the increasingly complex global economy, our children require a superior education. At a time when technological innovation and higher academic standards require increased investment in instructional materials, we cannot afford to divert funds to outdated, superfluous and inefficient mandates.